Download or Install Google Chrome Or Mozilla Firefox

Hey this is how to download and install chrome or firefox without admin rights. ok so all you need is a


once you have a usb download google chrome or firefox and tehn transfer the setup folder to your usb. from teh usb drag the instalation folder to your desktop. then open it and setup and when it comes up with the admin window click no and it simply by passes it.



Install Addons With The Non Steam GMOD

ok so what we want is some add ons right?

well you know how you have those extracted files just sitting there? Well there not for actually playing There for updating and Addons

Ok so what you need is the ‘GarrysMod’ file in your download from teh last tutorial. (your Exctracted Files)

You will also need to go to where your original hl2 file is (in your hard drive) then youl also see a folder called ‘garrysmod’ which youll need to make a backup off on your desktop just by simply copying it to your desktop (not shortcutting) ok so now youve done that you will need to go back to the extracted ‘garrysmod’ and cut that and place it into your hard drive file (your garrysmod file that in your harddrive). it will ask you whether you want to merge click yes and then replace files

if that doesnt work then use your back up folder of garrymod and replace the other one.

then instead of replacing the files click do not replace

simple ! done now you can download add ons here


Done all you need to do is download the files and copy them to the garrysmod folder!

Garrysmod 11 free (non Steam)


-Bittorent (maybe Use another Computer)


Download this

click here

OK first your gonna need to download that thing above and then extract it into your downloads folder.

then once youve finished you will see a folder called game

cut this and move it into your harddrive (not in program folder)

then rename it and open it! you will see a folder named hl2. make a shortcut of this on uour desktop by right click -> send to -> desktop (create shortcut)

then click properties and you will most likely see this in teh target folder & the start in box’s


of you dont find the location of the original hl2 folder and then copy it into thetarget box and start in box

then after that i want you to copy this into the target box (after the C:\Garrymod\hl2.exe)

-steam -game garrysmod -appid 4001

then click ok

if that doesnt work add a ” either befor the C:\Garrymod\hl2.exe or after

so it should look like this

C:\Garrymod\hl2.exe -steam -game garrysmod -appid 4001


C:\Garrymod\hl2.exe” -steam -game garrysmod -appid 4001


“C:\Garrymod\hl2.exe -steam -game garrysmod -appid 4001

not exactly the same as mine remember your hard drive folder might be different!




Downloading skype Without admin Permission

Hey This is my first post and today ill show you how to download skype without admin permission

OK so what you do is go to this link

Click Here

THen download it, extract and then open it

then go to phone and then skype


oh and if your having trouble with internet connection when adding friends the go to your internet explorer (only Internet explorer Not FIREFOX OR CHROME OR OPERA OR ANYTHING ELSE!!!)

go to internet options and depending on where you are click or unclick use proxy and select auto detect settings!